Call me Angel.

I'm awkward. I'm offensive. I'm obscene. I have an intense case of stranger danger. I don't talk much at social gatherings. I will not tolerate girl hate. I flirt with everyone. If there's music, I'll dance. If there's a ukulele, I'll play. And if there's mic, I'll sing.

I like horror and vintage, old shoes and leather, spikes and studs, punk kids and cowboys, bokeh lights and blur, makeup and flirts, men's shirts and boots, curves and mini skirts, piercings and hair sticks, tattoos and lipstick, vampires and kissing, blood and reading, red hair and bracelets, necklaces and razors, dancing and sunlight, harmonies and fist fights, rough boys and tough girls, and just about anything to do with fantasy.

I dislike double standards and hypocrites, twilight and homophobes, WalMart and parsnips, white walls and beige lamps, barbies and pop music, and just about anything mainstream.

Also, I only post my art on here!

Love, AMVI♥
Victorian Asylum. 
AMVI photography. 
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